Israeli Prime Minister Issues Dire Warning About Iranian Nuclear Talks

( On Sunday, Israel condemned the election of a hardline judge as the new president of Iran. Ebrahim Raisi was accused by new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of ushering in a new “regime of brutal hangmen” who will not negotiate with Western leaders on a new nuclear deal.

Judge Raisi, the new president, is already under United States sanctions following various human rights abuses. He was elected as the new leader of Iran on Saturday following years of economic hardships in the country, in part ushered in by former President Donald Trump’s sanctions on the country following continued violations of the 2015 “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” – or the “Iran Nuclear Deal” as most people know it.

Prime Minister Bennett, the leader of a governing coalition in Israel that recently ousted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said during his first-ever televised cabinet meeting that Raisi’s position as President came about not from a free and fair election but from the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

He said that Raisi’s election is the last chance for world leaders to realize who they are doing business with when agreeing on deals with the country. He added that this new regime of “brutal hangmen” should not be allowed to gain weapons of mass destruction at any point, and Israel’s position on Iran developing nuclear capabilities will not change.

President Joe Biden is widely expected to capitulate to Iran’s demands for all economic sanctions to be dropped before the country returns to full compliance with the 2015 Nuclear Deal. Not that they were ever fully compliant anyway…

The new Iranian leader, who will take over in August, was previously known for his role in the execution of five thousand young opponents of the Iranian regime. He has sent thousands of Iranian dissidents to their deaths without due process in 1988, according to Amnesty International.

He has also said that he will refuse to meet President Joe Biden in the future.

So…things don’t look good.