Israel Unveils Bill To Make Talking About Jesus An Arrestable Offense 

( Two Israeli legislators, Moshe Gafni, and Yaakov Asher, have introduced new legislation to make it illegal for Christians in Israel to speak publicly about their faith in Jesus Christ. 

Israeli lawmakers aligned with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu want to throw Christians in jail for speaking the Gospel of Jesus in the land of his birth, even though the country is often called “America’s greatest ally” and is frequently visited by American Christians on pilgrimage trips. 

The legislation restricts Christians’ ability to create content online and their freedom of speech. It is an all-out assault on Christianity. 

The proposed Israeli legislation has been met with strong opposition in the United States, a nation where evangelical Christians generally support Israel. The Trump administration’s ambassador for international religious freedom, former Republican senator Sam Brownback, has spoken out against the anti-Christian proposal, calling it an “open assault on freedom of religion” and pointing out that if Israel were to pass such a law, it would violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Israel is a signatory. 

Israeli news outlets have described Gafni and Asher as “ultra-Orthodox Jews” who hold prominent positions in the Knesset. Both men have expressed their support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition administration. 

According to an exclusive item in All Israel News, Gafni has a lengthy history of persecuting followers of Jesus. A “ban on evangelism” has reportedly been one of Gafni’s legislative aims since 1999, when the same source first reported it. 

The nationally syndicated news personality Stew Peters was emphatic in his rejection of the anti-Christian Israeli law, tweeting a video from a Newsmax report revealing Israel’s Jesus prohibition. 

Peters said Christians would face automatic jail time if the bill were passed. 

If this legislation passes, elected politicians with dual US/Israeli citizenship should be removed from office immediately, and all foreign aid to Israel should be cut off immediately.