Israel Seizes 30k Rockets, Explosives In Gaza

A government spokesman for Israel stated in late December that since Hamas began the attack last October, 30,000 bombs had been confiscated in the Gaza Strip by Israel.

During a briefing, Eylon Levy informed reporters that Israel aimed to eliminate Hamas’s rocket-launching capability but that there was no timeline for doing so.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), raised the number of thirty thousand. Levy verified that this amount included missiles discovered prepared to attack Israeli cities.

In related news, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said on Tuesday that they had discovered a stockpile of firearms in a Gaza civilian home’s children’s bedroom.

In recent days, several terrorists were killed in close-quarters fighting in the Tuffah region of the Gaza Strip by units of the Nahal Brigade and the 931st Battalion. The presence of several terrorists and weapons, together with the large volume of close-quarters combats, prompted the troops to conduct an operation in the region.

Troops found Israeli license plates, RPG rocket heads, grenades, Kalashnikovs, Bazukas, and a children’s bedroom in a residence.

These weapons further demonstrate that Hamas tried to conceal its terror activities and weaponry among civilian populations and infrastructure.

Reports show the rocket barrage has decreased in frequency but has not ceased since Israel launched its ground assault in late October. The activation of sirens in the coastal city of Ashkelon continues as the Iron Dome missile defense system neutralizes missiles launched from the Gaza Strip.

It is believed that the missiles are originating from the center of the Gaza Strip, a region where the Israeli Defense Forces have not yet achieved substantial gains.

Israeli officials announced that in late December, after evacuating Palestinian residents from an elementary school in central Gaza, that it had been used as a headquarters by Hamas terrorists. The suspects had been detained and questioned inside the facility.

In his speech to the Israeli people delivered on December 30th, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, warned that the battle against Hamas would go on for months until Israel had achieved its objectives, which included the demise of the terrorist organization and the safe release of its captives.