Iran Meetings Cancelled Abruptly Over Nuclear Talks

( Following The election of a new president of Iran, negotiators representing the country adjourned discussions about returning to compliance with the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

Iran’s chief negotiator Abbas Araqchi told Iranian journalists that the country is closer than ever to forming an agreement with the United States, but that bridging the gap between the demands of each side is “not an easy job.”

Iranian negotiators, and negotiators from six other world powers who have been negotiating on behalf of President Joe Biden – because he doesn’t seem capable of doing it himself – have returned to their respective countries as negotiations have stalled.

Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, will take control of the country in August, has also refused to meet with President Joe Biden once he takes office, either meaning negotiations will stop completely or Iran will continue to rely on proxies to do the negotiating for them.

The latest round of negotiations designed to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon lasted just over a week. No date for the talks to continue has been set, but Russia’s envoy has suggested that the nations’ negotiators may return to the table in around ten days time.

But…we’ll see.

Negotiators have been meeting regularly in Vienna since April, without the direct participation of the White House.

The failed Iranian Nuclear Deal, or “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” is technically already still in place with a number of Western European nations including the United Kingdom and France. However, Iran has continued refining uranium to higher levels than permitted under the deal.

The news that discussions have broken down is particularly worrying given that the country’s “breakout time,” where Iranian scientists could develop a nuclear bomb, could be mere weeks away. United States Secretary of State warned earlier this month that Iran could very soon have the technology it needs to build a nuclear weapon, potentially rendering these new negotiations moot.

And with a new hardline president, there’s no telling what Iran has planned…