Iran Holds Hostages As It Plays Hardball Against Biden, Refuses To Release Them

( Iran is holding strong in its “negotiations” with the United States over President Joe Biden’s desire to see the terrorism-supporting state return to compliance with the failed Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal. The nation confirmed on Monday that it will not consider any U.S. preconditions for reviving the deal, which includes the release of any American prisoners currently being held in the country.

It’s another blow for the Biden administration, which has been negotiating with Iran via proxy, with British, Russian, and German diplomats engaging in talks on behalf of the United States.

Iranian Foreign Minister spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told a weekly press conference that Iran has “never accepted any preconditions by the United States” and that comments made by American officials on the release of U.S. prisoners being held in Iran were made for “domestic use.”

The comment seemed to imply that the Biden administration is trying to look tough here in the United States, while overseas the negotiations are not working out for the United States at all.

The head negotiator for the United States said on Sunday in an interview with Reuters that an agreement with Iran was unlikely to occur unless Iran agrees to release four American citizens being held hostage in the country.

Iran has also repeatedly demanded that the United States drop all Trump-era economic sanctions before it will return to compliance with the agreement.

On Monday, the Iranian state news agency IRNA confirmed that agreeing to any preconditions with the United States would slow down talks between the two countries, currently taking place in Vienna.

Iran is negotiating like President Trump, and President Biden is negotiating like…well, President Biden. That’s the problem.