Investigators Probe CIA Havana Syndrome Incident

( The United Stares government is reportedly widening its investigation into the mysterious “Havana Syndrome,” a set of symptoms experienced by American military and government officials and caused by an unknown weapon.

In recent weeks, the CIA has evacuated an anonymous agent from Serbia who was reportedly experiencing symptoms, which include dizziness, vertigo, memory loss, headaches and sickness. The agent reportedly had “serious injuries,” prompting the investigations into the origins of the condition to widen.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration is now making finding out the origins of this bizarre syndrome their “top priority.”

It has previously been speculated that it is caused by a focused microwave or pesticides and that the weapon may have been designed – and currently be in use by – the Russian military.

Neither the State Department nor the CIA offered comment on the situation when asked, but did confirm that Havana Syndrome remains a top concern for the agencies.

A spokesperson for the State Department said that they take each report that they receive “extremely seriously” and are working to ensure that any government employees affected by Havana Syndrome are given the “care and support they need.”

The first case of Havana Syndrome was reported in 2016, but so far nobody really knows why it happens or what is causing it.

During her trip to Vietnam this year, Vice President Kamala Harris was forced to delay her flight to Hanoi from the Singapore capital by three hours after reports of a case of Havana Syndrome. The U.S. Embassy eventually issued a statement saying that after “careful assessment” they believed it was safe for the vice president to continue her travels.

David Cohen, the Deputy Director of the CIA, said that he believes that they have gotten closer to figuring out the cause of the problem, but “not close enough to make the analytic judgment that people are waiting for.”

What do you think – the Russians or Chinese?