Insiders Reveal What Ron DeSantis Has Planned Next

( The 19FortyFive website asks a good question. Why would well-liked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enter the political showdown of the century with Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, fresh off a massive victory in his own state?

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Yes, DeSantis recently achieved a significant victory and intended to use his newly acquired political capital to seize control of the Republican Party. But how does Team DeSantis’ internal analysis look when making such a choice?

GOP insiders from Washington, DC, weighed in. Some of the insights were shocking.

One GOP pollster with over fifteen years of experience said, “No. There is no way Governor DeSantis will run – not a chance in hell.”

If Desantis entered the 2024 election, he would know that competing against Trump for the nomination would be extremely difficult and quickly unpleasant. DeSantis can face Trump head-to-head and even defeat him, but what will happen next?

If Desantis wins, will the Republican Party’s MAGA side show up to support him, or will Trump sour the election against DeSantis?

The insider believes he would.

According to a senior Ted Cruz 2016 aide who has counseled other GOP presidential contenders, “DeSantis knows his stock will never be higher, and now is the moment to throw his hat into the ring, or, rather, in early 2023.”

Senior GOP figures, particularly those who have clashed with Trump in the past and see an opportunity for vengeance, will approach DeSantis and implore him to run. They know DeSantis is stronger on policy, better at forging alliances inside and outside the GOP, more skilled politically overall, and less likely to run his big mouth into a daily social media catastrophe. DeSantis is a more improved version of the past president than Trump, and the GOP needs a populist to support his policies while removing him from office permanently. Ron might be able to save us since I believe Trump won’t win if he runs in 2024.

One GOP pollster argued that Ron DeSantis’ victory in Florida was primarily because a large portion of his supporters were Republican exiles from COVID restrictions which had recently migrated there because of the virus.

One well-known GOP former White House staffer who once held a senior position in the Trump Administration said he’ll run for president in 2028 rather than 2024.

In short, anything and everything is on the table.

It will be an interesting next couple of years.