InfoWars Suggests Ron DeSantis Should Replace Trump As GOP Leader

( It’s long been thought that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would make a great leading candidate for the Republican Party in 2024 should former President Donald Trump decide not to seek the White House again.

But, one conspiracy theorist now said he believes that DeSantis might make a better 2024 presidential candidate for the GOP than the former president himself.

InfoWars, the website that pushes many conspiracy theories, suggested recently that DeSantis could be a better candidate for president in 2024 than Trump, after the latter touted vaccines for COVID-19 on multiple occasions last week.

While attending an event in Texas recently, Trump told his supporters that he had received the third booster dose of a vaccine. Some of those in attendance booed after he made that announcement.

But, the president didn’t back down from his support for the vaccines. He said they were “one of the greatest achievements of mankind” when speaking in a subsequent interview with the Daily Wire.

The repeated support for the vaccines has angered some of Trump’s most ardent supporters. Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist founder of InfoWars, said in a “Christmas warning” to all of his followers that Trump’s name would now “go down in history as pure evil.”

One day later, another host for InfoWars, Owen Shroyer, began shifting the focus of his discussions surrounding the best GOP presidential candidates to people other than Trump. He said:

“We’re considering what the political future for the ‘America First,’ ‘Great Awakening,’ Trump movement is. Is it Donald Trump? Or do statements like this overwhelm us and leave a bad taste in our mouth that we don’t want to support him anymore?”

He continued to speculate on who would make for the best GOP candidate in 2024 if it weren’t Trump, when he said:

“So, who would there be? Which is the ultimate question. Well, Ron DeSantis is obviously emerging as a potential frontrunner and in many polls is actually ahead of Donald Trump.”

That’s quite ironic, actually, considering that for a while now, Trump has been considered the hands-down favorite among the Republican Party. While he hasn’t publicly announced his intentions on whether he’ll run for president in 2024 — and he plans to wait to make that announcement until after the 2022 midterm elections — most people believe he’ll eventually run.

In the meantime, potential candidates such as DeSantis have kept quiet on their intentions to run. Other potential candidates have even said they wouldn’t start their bid for president unless Trump said he wasn’t going to run.

These other candidates haven’t wanted to anger Trump by saying they’ll run even if they have to do so against the former president. A main reason for that is because of the former president’s still strong polling numbers.

A poll released by Echelon Insights this month found that only 30% of GOP voters would “definitely” or “probably” vote for DeSantis, while 70% said the same about Trump.