Informant Spills The Beans On The Biden Family

According to a report, questions that started the Hunter Biden affair four years ago, such as whether Joe Biden traded U.S. policy for cash his family was getting from foreign sources like Ukraine, are now again at the center of the probe.

On Wednesday, Republican investigators in the House and Senate issued a subpoena for an FBI report they believe exposes accusations of a pay-to-play bribery plot between President Biden and a foreigner.   A whistleblower has come forward with these claims.

Midway through 2020, months before Joe Biden was elected president, the FBI documented claims gathered from a confidential source and put them in a report designated FD-1023. Multiple individuals have said it concerns Biden’s administration’s activities and policies towards Ukraine during Obama’s presidency. The source of the information was not revealed.

Questions concerning possible influence peddling by the Biden family have been raised since the Spring of 2015.

A report shows that while Hunter was paid more than $80,000 per month to serve on the board of Burisma Holdings in 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden lobbied the Ukrainian government to dismiss the prosecutor investigating the company, Viktor Shokin. 

During his 2018 address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden bragged about his threat to halt $1 billion in assistance over the prosecutor’s sacking.

According to a 2019 allegation by Rudy Giuliani, Shokin said he was directed to cease his investigation into Burisma after receiving a threat.

According to an email sent by Hunter Biden in April 2014, the elder Biden visited Ukraine as part of his consulting job for Burisma. 

In the email, Hunter Biden said that the news of my guy’s (his father, Joe Biden) planned trips should be seen as a component of their counsel and planning. The email warned that it was impossible to predict what then-Vice President Joe Biden might say or do. That is to say, it may wind up being a terrific thing, or it might contribute to unrealistically high expectations. Their expectations for that trip ought to be realistic, he wrote.