Indiana Jones Might Be A Girl Now

( Jordan Ruimy of World of Reel alleges that test screenings for Disney’s Indiana Jones 5 had been “disastrous.” Disney is panicking over the screenings and is concerned the movie will flop.

The worst test screening included a version of the movie where Harrison Ford was replaced by Phoebe-Waller Bridge at the movie’s end.

According to Ruimy, another unpopular conclusion had Ford’s Indiana Jones dying. With Ford absent, this would presumably pave the way for more sequels in the series.

Ford clearly won’t be coming back. He’s 80. (Take a hint, Biden!)

Leave it to the woke groomers at Disney to ruin the Indiana Jones brand. After all, it was Disney that woke-raped the most cherished film franchise in history, Star Wars, to the point where it could only be produced as a TV series.

And just who is Phoebe-Waller Bridge?

She has had a few seasons on a TV show on Amazon, and that’s who they intend to turn the reigns over new Indiana Jones? Some woman who appeared on TV for a while? You can understand the justification for giving the Indy baton to someone like Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie, or Charlize Theron. Even so, that wouldn’t be a good idea. However, those females have a reputation as action movie stars.

Even George Lucas’ stillborn prequels couldn’t ruin the Star Wars movie series because it was so impenetrable.

Even the terrible Kingdom of the Crystal Skull couldn’t defeat Indiana Jones because he is so impregnable.

Disney, however, has the power to end Indiana Jones. Anything may be killed by Disney.

Is it shocking that producer and CEO of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy is the brains behind Indiana Jones 5 and all of these franchise-killing ideas? The Star Wars movie series was woke-raped by this idiot until it was doornail dead.

And let’s not overlook the fact that Disney is also sabotaging the Marvel movie series. A magnificent franchise that dominated popular culture for ten years is now just another conceited line of left-leaning talking-head comedies.

This is not a sleight against action stars who are women. Jolie was excellent in the original Tomb Raider movie, and I adored the Resident Evil series. Both of those brands got their start as female-driven video games. This is how it operates. A girl cannot be cast in a male role. A guy cannot be cast in a female role. Everyone dislikes it. They are miles away from the social engineering. We don’t watch movies to be manipulated socially.