Inappropriate “Rainbow” Characters Brought In To Target Children At Library

( If you thought “Drag Queen Story Time” was bad, check this one out. A library in London has sparked a gigantic backlash after an “anti-racist” carnival performer was hired to entertain children during a reading event. The carnival performer turned up to the event, which was held on Saturday at the Redbridge Central Library, wearing a multi-colored outfit, a pair of breasts, and a dildo hanging between his legs.

Shocking video footage shows the man, a member of the Mandinga Arts carnival group, running out of the library with the large dildo – a phallic sex toy – swinging between his legs.

You can see it happening in the clip below, but be warned, it’s seriously disturbing.

As you can see, the character ran out of the library and into the street, with two other characters, purposely making the dildo swing for the camera.

The performers were hired to keep children entertained during the Summer Reading Challenge event, which was organized in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. It was advertised as a “nature-themed” challenge that would inspire children to “stand up for the planet.”

A statement was eventually issued by the Redbridge Library, describing how one of the animal costumes was “inappropriate” and that they were not aware of it at the time of the booking.

“We deeply apologise for the offence caused,” the statement continued, before adding that the event was actually organized by a local charity named “Vision.”

Here are some more disturbing photos of the multi-colored “monkey.”

What’s even worse about all of this is that Vision, who booked the performers, is run by three elected local councillors.

What is happening to the world?