“Immunity” Requested For Disgraced FBI Agents Who May Have Faked Kidnapping Plot Against Top Democrat

(FreedomBeacon.com)- One of the defense attorneys in the Whitmer Kidnapping Caper filed a request with the court requiring the government to offer immunity to the FBI agents and their confidential human sources who coordinated the plot.

Scott Graham, the attorney for Kaleb Franks, one of the five men accused in the FBI-led plot to kidnap Whitmer, wrote in the filing that the FBI’s “illegal and unethical” use of confidential informants is complicating the case.

Graham’s filing followed the news that three of the FBI agents involved in the sting won’t be testifying in the trial that begins in March.

One of three agents who won’t be testifying is the lead agent in the plot. Former agent Richard Trask was arrested last year on a domestic violence charge for allegedly attacking his wife after leaving a swinger sex party. Trask was later fired.

FBI agent Henrik Impola will also not be testifying after he was accused of perjury in a separate case. The third agent, Jayson Chambers, had allegedly used the Whitmer Caper to promote his side business, a security consulting firm called Exeintel.

Meanwhile, Stephen Robeson, one of the confidential human sources used by the FBI in the caper was using money raised under the pretext of combatting child sex trafficking to purchase weapons. The FBI was aware of Robeson’s activities in late 2020, however, he was not charged until December 2021.

According to court records, it was Robeson who organized and paid for the meetings where the alleged plot to kidnap Whitmer was planned. The FBI paid him $19,328.79 to plan the Whitmer caper.

Now both the FBI and prosecutors are claiming that Robeson was a “double agent” who disobeyed FBI rules, illegally purchased a firearm, undermined the investigation, and warned one of the alleged plotters before he was arrested. Robeson also offered to use a drone to commit an act of domestic terrorism.

Defense attorneys asked a judge to dismiss the charges, arguing that the foundation of the government’s entire case rests on discredited FBI agents and indicted confidential informants.