Ilhan Omar Wants To Use Ukraine Crisis As Excuse To Replace National Security Measures Regarding Refugees

( During an interview with extremist left-winger Joy Reid on MSNBC on Wednesday, “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar offered her thoughts on the invasion of Ukraine and the millions of Ukrainians who have left the country so far. Omar said that she hoped that the “compassion and generosity” Ukrainian refugees have been shown in recent weeks will result in policy changes in the United States to make it easier for refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq to come to the United States.

In other words, Omar is trying to leverage the crisis in Ukraine to make it easier to import millions of other people from Muslim countries in the United States.

Are you even remotely surprised? We’re not.

For starters, the situations are entirely different…and Ukrainian refugees are really from Ukraine. Syrian refugees, however, are often not truly from Syria. The European Union’s own statistics agency, Eurostat, revealed that a majority of Syrian refugees were actually economic migrants coming from countries like Eritrea.

Is this what Omar wants to happen with every refugee crisis? See thousands or millions of people taking advantage and lying about who they are, to gain access to the United States?

“We are living in a time of history, as a world, where there are more people displaced than at any given time in our history. We obviously are seeing what is happening in Yemen. Over 2 million people displaced, over 11,000 children have died in that conflict,” Omar said.

The extremist legislator said that she thinks it’s “commendable” for other countries to open their doors when there is an influx of people, but that she hopes the compassion is something that leads to “policy changes” in the future. She also called on the United States to provide additional assistance to Poland, Hungary, and other European nations that have received huge numbers of Ukrainian refugees over the last three weeks.

Watch the interview here.