“I Love Lucy” Star’s Final Words With Husband Revealed By Daughter

(FreedomBeacon.com)- This week, Amazon Prime will be debuting a new documentary “Lucy and Desi” directed by Saturday Night Live alum Amy Poehler.

The documentary tracks the turbulent romance of TV’s most famous on-air couple using archive footage and records of the two stars sharing their stories in their own words.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz divorced in 1960 after twenty years of marriage. But even after they remarried and moved on with their lives, they always shared a close bond.

And when Desi died in 1986, his daughter Lucie Arnaz who was at his bedside, heard the couple’s final exchange.

Arnaz spoke with Ball over the phone. And according to Lucie Arnaz, she could hear her mother saying “I love you” over and over again. She said her dad nodded his head and told Ball “I love you too, honey.”

Arnaz said her father then died in her arms.

Lucie Arnaz also reveals in the documentary that “I Love Lucy” was her parents’ way of saving their marriage. With her father often on the road touring, the couple was rarely together. They saw doing the now-classic sitcom as a way to finally spend some time together.

Unfortunately, Arnaz explains, it didn’t work out the way they wanted. They didn’t stay together but “they loved each other until the end,” Arnaz says.

Watch the trailer HERE.

“Lucy and Desi” debuts on Amazon Prime Video on March 4.