Hunter Biden’s Ex-Girlfriend Testifies at His Gun Trial

gun and judge's gavel on the table

Two former romantic partners of Hunter Biden testified in his federal gun trial this week, giving jurors a detailed look into his many years of using drugs and trying to get sober.

Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, who was married to the president’s son for almost 20 years, testified that she found a crack pipe on the porch of their home in Washington, D.C., in July of 2015. After finding it, she confronted her then-husband.

And she said:

“He acknowledged smoking crack.”

Buhle moved out of their home not long after she found that paraphernalia, but she remained married to Biden for another two years. They ultimately divorced in February of 2017 after “the infidelity,” she said.

Buhle and Biden have three children together.

Prosecutors allege that one year after the pair divorced, Biden lied on a federal form when he was attempting to purchase a gun for $5,000. The form asked if he was suffering from drug addiction.

That’s what these federal charges stem from. Biden has pleaded not guilty to the three counts of owning a firearm while using narcotics.

His legal team is arguing that he might not have broken the law knowingly since he was then in a “deep state of denial” about his own drug use.

Buhle is the first of three women expected to testify against Biden and their relationships with the 54-year-old son of President Joe Biden. 

Zoe Kestan, a woman who dated Biden for 10 months starting in December of 2017, also testified that she saw him smoke crack “every 20 minutes or so” at one time in their relationship, and that he purchased drugs consistently.

While on the stand, Kestan said:

“He used cash for a lot of things. I knew a good amount of it was for buying drugs.”

She said that Biden gave her $800 once to “buy clothes for his kids” from different luxury stores.

Biden had at least 10 family members and friends in attendance at the trial when Buhle testified Wednesday in the Delaware courtroom. His mother, First Lady Jill Biden, and his current wife, Melissa Cohen-Biden, were two of those people.

During her testimony, which lasted 30 minutes, Buhle said she long suspected that her then-husband was using drugs, even before she found that crack pipe. She said Biden was “angry, short-tempered” any time that he used drugs.

Buhle added that she found other paraphernalia in his vehicle as their marriage was disintegrating. 

She confirmed that, on more than one occasion, she saw drugs in Biden’s car. Buhle said she then started searching his car regularly because their daughter used it sometimes.

Kestan met Biden at a gentleman’s club in Manhattan where she worked as a dancer at the time. He got a private dance from her and then the two met up outside the club a week later.

While at the Soho Grand Hotel together, Kestan said he smoked crack and then offered her some.