Hunter Biden Is Reportedly His Father’s Closest Advisor

( Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, has been dubbed the “smartest man” he knows.

This man has acknowledged living a dangerously reckless life while abusing crack cocaine and selling his father’s access to Chinese communists and Russian oligarchs. This is the smartest man Joe knows.

Can we assume that includes Biden’s appointments to cabinet positions?

We are in loads of trouble. We are witnessing Idiocracy.

Veteran New York Post journalist Miranda Devine, a former acquaintance, portrays the president’s son as his “closest adviser.” Devine broke the Hunter Biden laptop stories soon before the 2020 election.

Devine says that on Biden’s regular weekend excursions home to Delaware or Camp David, Hunter purportedly discusses the finer nuances of Ukraine policy and other affairs of state around the dinner table with his father.

Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, alleged Hunter boasted in May 2017 that he had his father’s ear. According to Bobulinski, Hunter said at the time that he could get his way by bypassing his father’s gatekeepers and speaking directly to him.
However, the Post now has evidence of Hunter’s impact on his father: a previously unreleased voice recording from Hunter’s abandoned laptop’s iPhone backup.

In the recording, Hunter refers to his father and says that Biden is going to talk about drug reform and “any other thing that I want him to.”

“I’m a god in his eyes,” Hunter says.

The audio file was handed to the Post by Marco Polo, a non-profit research organization working on a comprehensive report on the laptop.

Hunter’s discussion with British artist Phillipa Horan was recorded on Dec. 3, 2018, when he was in drug recovery.

Hunter claims that his father is willing to “speak about anything I want him to talk about that he believes in.”

According to Hunter on the tape, if I say this is essential to me, then he will endeavor to find a way to make it part of his platform. It won’t matter whether it influences my father’s politics since he respects me more than anyone else in the world. I am convinced of it.

Hunter Biden acknowledges that the global business was built on access to his father, but the White House has steadfastly maintained that the president had no participation.
(According to an email, the “big guy” was supposed to get a 10 percent cut of a deal with an energy company run by the Chinese Communist Party. The “big guy” is obviously Joe Biden.)

Hunter informs Horan that if his dad wins the presidency, “he intends to capitalize.”

This must be what Joe admires most, his son’s work ethic.