Hunter Biden Blacked Out Near Classified Documents

( Hunter Biden blacked out near classified documents of his father President Joe Biden while he was working with a Chinese businessman, according to the Washington Examiner. Hunter was reportedly staying at one of his father’s residences where classified documents were recently found.

As Hunter stayed in the residence at the peak of his drug addiction and alcoholism, he was receiving millions of dollars from a businessman with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, according to author Michael Shellenberger.

“There’s no evidence that Hunter Biden accessed the documents, but—God-forbid—the opportunity existed for him to do so,” investigative journalist Peter Schweizer told Shellenberger.

While working together, Hunter and Patrick Ho became very close. After Ho was arrested in 2017, his first phone call was to James Biden, the president’s brother, because he was looking for Hunter.

Shellenberger reports that there is no evidence that Hunter turned over any classified documents to Ho but suggested that his closeness to the materials opens up that possibility, noting that Hunter might have shared the information during one of his blackouts.

House Republicans are overseeing an investigation into Biden’s classified documents as the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee already reportedly requested that the intelligence community conduct a “damage assessment” of the situation.

Classified documents that belonged to President Biden when he was the then-vice president under Barack Obama were found in his private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, according to American Pigeon. Shortly after the news broke, additional documents were found at another location near his Corvette in a “locked garage.”

Kentucky GOP Rep. James Comer reportedly drew contrasts between former President Trump and President Biden, saying that Biden had come out criticizing Trump for doing what he also did.

“How ironic,” he added.

During an appearance on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Biden asked how Trump could be so irresponsible.