How to Start an Indoor Garden in 4 Easy Steps

How to Start an Indoor Garden in 4 Easy Steps

( – There are many hobbies people take on to either stimulate their brains or cure boredom. Many pastimes also double as survival skills, such as indoor gardening. If you’re looking to pick up this hobby, check out this handy four-step guide.

1. Selecting the Best Location

Indoor gardens require a lot of natural light. For example, herbs typically need about six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day. Your best bet is to locate plants next to sliding glass doors or windows.

If they don’t receive enough sunlight, you’ll know it by the presence of unusually pale or yellow leaves and stems. You’ll need to either move your garden to another location or purchase an artificial lighting system designed for plants.

2. Purchasing the Best Pots

There are two things to look for when selecting pots for your indoor garden.

  • Make sure you purchase pots with drain holes; otherwise, plants run the risk of developing root rot.
  • Purchase appropriately-sized pots for your plants. If you buy ones that are too small, you will end up with rootbound plants that cannot absorb enough water. If your pots are too large, the soil can hold too much moisture leading to root rot. As a general rule, selecting pots ranging in size from 6” to 18” work great for most indoor gardens.

3. Choosing the Best Soil

Indoor plants require more drainage than those outdoors, which means you shouldn’t use leftover garden soil for your indoor plants. Make sure to check the label on potting soil before purchasing it to make sure it’s suitable for indoor gardens.

Additionally, you can always make your own blend using three parts of soil, one part perlite or sand, and one part compost.

4. Watering Indoor Plants

A couple of basic rules for watering your plants will guarantee you enjoy a successful indoor gardening experience. First, never water your plants using cold or hot tap water. Extreme water temperatures can shock or kill plants. Be sure always to use room temperature water. Second, never water your plants too quickly as it can run out the drain holes before the soil has time to absorb it.

Indoor gardening is a rewarding experience allowing you to enjoy plants year-round, no matter where you live. A few simple tips are all you need to get started.

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