House Drops Ethics Charges Against Rogers And Clyburn

( On Thursday, the House Ethics Committee dropped two $5,000 fines for House Majority Whip James Clyburn, a Democrat representing South Carolina, and Kentucky Republican Rep. Hal Rogers. The fines were dropped after the pair successfully appealed the allegations that they purposefully bypassed the magnetometers – the electronic screening – at the entrance of the House floor.

Since the January 6 riot in Washington, D.C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has required all members to pass through metal detectors to ensure the safety of those on the House floor. The measure was largely unnecessary given that the FBI very quickly walked back claims that rioters on January 6 were operating as “capture and assassinate” teams, with no evidence of anybody rioting intending to murder politicians like Pelosi and other far-left Democrats claim.

Nonetheless, the metal detectors are there, and all members are required to pass through them when entering the House chamber.

So far, five lawmakers have been fined $5,000 for bypassing the screening. The only Democrat to be issued a fine was Clyburn, though with the recent dropping of the fine, that means the only people to have actually been robbed of $5k are Democrats.

Appeals filed by Republican Reps. Andrew Clyde from Georgia and Louie Gohmert representing Texas were rejected earlier in 2021.

Rep. Clyde is the only member of the House to be issued two fines, meaning he will be forced to pay out $15,000. The fine increases to $10,000 if a member bypasses the screening twice.

Pelosi hit the headlines earlier this year when it was revealed that she had also skirted the rules…but has not been issued a fine for doing so. Hardly surprising – Pelosi is regularly accused of hypocrisy, most recently after she refused to lift the House mask mandate despite being spotted in the White House mingling with friends, hugging, and joking while nobody (including her) wore a mask.

How can the Democrats just keep getting away with this?