House Democrats Miss Their Chance On Pushing Democrat Agenda In Virginia

( Democrat Terry McAuliffe could have used all the help the White House could’ve provided.

But, it turns out that the now-failed candidate for governor in Virginia couldn’t count on President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others in his own party for what he really needed.

Despite Biden and other prominent Democrats stumping for him, McAuliffe didn’t stand a chance at the polls against Republican governor-elect Glenn Youngkin. A main culprit in his loss was the fact that the Democrats couldn’t get their act together and pass two massive spending packages before the election was held earlier this week.

For months now, Democrats have been fighting among themselves trying to cobble together the final details of Biden’s Build Back Better bill, as well as pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has already passed the Senate.

Instead of coming together for the party, though, progressives and moderates have fought back and forth, leading to big stalls in moving the bills forward, and frustrating millions of Americans in the process.

At one point, McAuliffe was considered the huge frontrunner in the race for Virginia’s governor. Biden won the state by 10 points in the 2020 presidential election, and McAuliffe himself is the former governor of the state.

As the election got closer, though, polls showed him neck and neck with Youngkin. The Republican won out at the polls, capturing 50.9% of the state’s votes compared to 48.4% for McAuliffe.

Just a few days before the election, as things seemed to be getting close and the Democrats still were dragging their feet on passing their spending bills, many in the party began to worry. As Joe Dinkin, the national campaigns director at the Working Families Party, said:

“The fact that it’s even close and the result is in question should be a warning call for Democrats that Democrats actually need to deliver on big things that change people’s lives.”

Representative Don Beyer, who once served as the lieutenant governor of Virginia, said he was “disappointed” that Democratic leaders in the House had to abandon any plans to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill after progressives were resistant to a vote. That wing of the party has long said they won’t pass the infrastructure bill until their massive social spending package is passed first.

That hasn’t sat well with moderate Democrats in the Senate, specifically West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema. Without their support, the social spending bill is all but dead, since Democrats are going to have to pass it through budget reconciliation — requiring the support of all 50 Democrats in the Senate.

While Beyer said the Democrats passing the bills before the election wouldn’t have been a decisive swing for McAuliffe in Virginia, it “certainly would (have been) helpful.

“It would’ve given a win for the president, a win for the American people. But, I think we’re going to win in Virginia anyway,” he said before the election.

It looks like he was wrong on that last point.