House Democrats Block Kevin McCarthy’s Resolution

( Democrats continue to refuse to listen to the Center for Disease Control’s new guidance, with House Democrats blocking an effort this week by House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to update the House’s mask policies.

Rep. McCarthy, a California Republican, put forward H. Res. 414 to direct the Congressional Attending Physician to update guidelines to reflect the latest advice from the CDC – namely the instruction to vaccinated members to stop wearing masks indoors.

House Democrats aren’t the only ones to refuse to follow the science. President Joe Biden was seen wearing a mask outdoors while standing next to two other fully vaccinated people who were also wearing a mask. It occurred outside of a Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center before he gave a speech on Tuesday promoting his $2 trillion “infrastructure” deal.


So the decision by House Democrats to block the resolution from Rep. McCarthy on partisan lines, with 218 votes from Democrats to 210 Republicans, is probably not all that surprising.

McCarthy’s resolution was not partisan in nature and shouldn’t be controversial to anybody who thinks that the CDC is a good source of information and guidance when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. It noted how the CDC has advised fully vaccinated Americans to stop wearing masks if they don’t feel like wearing them.

It even directly quoted Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who said that it is “very unlikely that a vaccinated person even if there’s a breakthrough infection would transmit it to someone else.”

Why didn’t Dr. Fauci admit that one much, much sooner?

Referencing the current mask mandate in the House of Representatives, the resolution said that the rule is “not based on the best available science” and that it is “contrary to the latest CDC guidance.”

Which is true.

In a statement condemning Democrats’ refusal to follow the science, House Republicans said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sowing “distrust in the vaccines.”