House Candidate Disqualified For Withholding Information

The culture of the United States is deteriorating. Indeed, for an individual who was born and passed before 1965, the nation that exists today would be unrecognizable to them. While many reasons for this decline can be cited, the fact of the matter is that families are struggling in the country (and many are simply no longer existing in the traditional sense). Recently, a report was published which claimed that nearly half of Americans believe that while the “American Dream” once existed, it is now dead. These sentiments are not misguided emotional episodes- they are founded in reality. Economically, the middle class of the country has been struggling for decades, but over the last three years working class citizens have been increasingly crushed by inflation, skyrocketing costs, and interest rates.

Many are living paycheck to paycheck, falling further into debt, or barely scraping by. Home ownership has also been deemed nearly impossible for many average earners in many regions of the country. Additionally, it has become almost impossible for people to survive on one income, and that has truly destabilized the traditional family and the youth of the nation have suffered tremendously because of it. The culture of the nation has been eroding for years, and a sense of objective moral principles in the public sphere which maintained social etiquette and formalities no longer exists. In public schools, national debates pertaining to controversial new curriculums promoted by progressives have developed for years.

While Republicans have claimed to oppose these ideologies and promote family values, many have been silent and weak. Presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Chris Christie were quiet after the governor of Ohio vetoed a bill that would have protected children from new gender ideologies in the state’s public schools. These progressives are not just infiltrating public schools, but also seeking high office- one was disqualified from the ballot in Ohio for failing to disclose their legal “birth name”.