House Aide Arrested for Carrying Gun Inside Congressional Office Building

( Last week a House aide was arrested after he allegedly attempted to carry a gun inside an office building.

Jeffrey Allsbrooks, a staffer with the House Chief Administrative Office was detained by Capitol Police after officers in the Longworth Building spotted a handgun inside a bag on the x-ray screen.

Immediately after the x-ray image was discovered, Capitol Police sent out a notice of a “security threat” inside the Longworth Building, urging staffers and lawmakers to secure themselves in their offices or in a nearby office. Longworth staff were instructed to stay away from doors and windows and stay quiet. The Capitol building was also put on lockdown.

Four minutes later, Allsbrooks was taken into custody.

Allsbrooks told Capitol Police that he forgot he had a gun in his bag. Capitol Police charged Allsbrooks with carrying a pistol without a license. In a statement released later that day, the USCP said the case remains under investigation while the department looks into what happened “before, during, and after those four minutes.”

Allsbrooks was also charged with possession of unlicensed ammunition and possession of a “large-capacity ammunition feeding device” which is a fancy, histrionic way of saying a magazine that holds more than ten bullets.

He was arraigned in a Virginia court on Friday where he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

It does beg the question what is the point of having an employee’s bag run through an x-ray machine if, by the time the images are reviewed, the employee has already picked up his bag and left the security checkpoint?

If Allsbrooks had been an actual security threat and not an absent-minded staffer who forgot to take his gun out of his bag, he could have done a lot of damage in the four minutes it took the Capitol Police to track him down.

With security flaws like that, is it any wonder the Capitol Police were unprepared for a mob of people storming the Capitol on January 6?