Host On “The View” Wants Illegal Religious Tests For SCOTUS Nominees

( Sara Haines, one of the newer hosts of “The View,” said on Wednesday that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett should have been forced to take a “religious test” during her confirmation hearing…even though such a test is illegal.

Speaking on the ABC talk show with her fellow left-wing co-hosts, Haines spoke about the confirmation hearings of ultra-leftist Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. She even claimed that Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was purposely trolling Jackson when he asked her about her religion.

He was trolling, but Haines isn’t when she calls for Barrett to go through a “religious test”?

Haines claimed that Graham intended for his questions about Jackson’s religion to be “rhetorical,” and suggested that his goal was to highlight the fact that some Democratic senators had effectively imposed a religious test on Barrett. And then, she went on to defend such a religious test.

The problem? Such a test is banned by Article Four of the United States Constitution which says that no religious test will ever be required as a form of qualification for any office in the United States.

Haines also mocked the questions asked by Republicans concerned about Jackson’s history of supporting Critical Race Theory/

Does she not realize that when Republicans have to ask Jackson “are babies born racist?” it’s a reflection of the insanity of the left and not the right?

They’re asking because the modern left says babies are born racist.