Hospitals Face Being Stripped Of Funding Over Child Surgeries

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) plans to present legislation to extend a program that gives government funds for children’s hospitals, but only if such facilities do not serve children who identify as transgender.

According to a report, the Republican from Texas intends to renew the Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Payment Program in legislation he will introduce to the House. The measure would provide $325,000,000 year for the next five years, until 2028, to continue the initiative that was started in 1999.

So-called gender-affirming care for minors is being compared to child abuse, becoming a significant human rights issue. Crenshaw stated that a human rights violation in America has begun to gain traction and validation within institutions that should be aware of its scope.

The program helps cover the higher expenses of educating pediatric medical and dental residents by providing financing to the graduate medical education departments of children’s hospitals. If Crenshaw’s proposed amendment passes, any children’s hospital that offers transgender surgery or hormone therapy to its patients would no longer be able to receive federal funding.

According to the bill, “gender-affirming care” is providing medical services to help a person transition to a gender other than their biological one.

The bill includes provisions for unique situations, such as a patient with both ovarian and testicular tissue or a patient who has been diagnosed with abnormal sex chromosomal structures or hormone generation.  Patients who have complications from previous transgender procedures or surgeries are also subject to an exemption.

The bill includes a provision that permits hospitals to provide treatment to patients with a physical disorder, injury, or illness that, as confirmed by a physician, would put them at risk of mortality or damage to an essential bodily function if the procedure is not performed.

Some of the major transgender “health care” providers in the country have been caught rubber-stamping clearances for invasive sex change surgeries and even inventing diagnoses to justify the treatments, according to The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. 

An orchiectomy, the surgical removal of a man’s testicles, was approved by Plume, the largest U.S. transgender healthcare provider, after a 22-minute virtual appointment.