Hillary Clinton Whines Republicans Created A “Constitutional Crisis”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- You’d think by now that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would have disappeared, but no. She’s very much back, and rather than admitting that her hoax about Russia influencing the results of the 2016 election was precisely that, a hoax, she’s now claiming that the Republican Party is putting the country on the brink of a “constitutional crisis.”

In an interview with The Atlantic, Clinton complained that she lose the Electoral College but won the popular vote – a perfectly normal and plausible scenario that comes from the fact that the Electoral College is designed to stop majority rule. She then said that the Republicans are engaging in “minority rule.”


Does Clinton not realize that majority rule is the problem, when metropolitan regions dictate the leadership of a country that also has many rural areas that don’t support the same things as the left-wing cities?

“And then Joe Biden won by a huge popular-vote margin, but only won the Electoral College by about 100,000 votes. So the parallels between what happened in 2016 and 2020 are not often understood. And why that’s important is, the Republicans—and now we have to say the Republican Party, not just the Trumpers and all of those who are part of this effort to undermine our democracy, but the Republican Party—were shocked that they lost, because they never thought that they would lose by such narrow margins and, we know, accurately and legitimately in places like Georgia or Arizona. So what are they going to do now?” Clinton said.

She then went on to wrongly claim that Republicans are trying to “suppress votes on steroids,” a lie she couldn’t back up. She claimed that the Republicans are trying to change the way that elections are determined, again without providing any evidence.

What Clinton was presumably referring to is the ongoing effort to ensure that only legal votes count in an election, which is the bare minimum one would expect from our political leaders to protect our democracy.

The Democrats are obsessed with lying about the Republicans…to the detriment of American democracy.