Hillary Clinton Secretly Met With Kamala Harris

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Last week, in another article about Kamala Harris’ many travails, the New York Times included a passing remark noting that, in her effort to get advice from every possible corner, Kamala had invited Hillary Clinton to the White House for a visit.

According to the Times report, Kamala and Hillary speak on the phone from time to time, and in November, Hillary even came to the White House to meet with Kamala in the West Wing.

Imagine being so desperate to improve your miserable lot in life that you would reach out to someone as universally disliked as Hillary Clinton.

The only person more unlikeable and inauthentic than Kamala Harris is Hillary Clinton. Yet Kamala thinks Hillary can help turn her political fortunes around?

According to the New York Times, Kamala has been telling what few allies she has that she wouldn’t be getting all this negative news coverage if she was white and male like the 48 other vice presidents.

At least the New York Times took a moment to clarify that not all 48 previous vice presidents were white. Charles Curtis, Herbert Hoover’s Vice President was native American.

It is the least shocking thing in the world that Kamala Harris would play the race and gender card. That’s one of the reasons Biden’s team selected her to begin with. By picking a woman of color, they ensured there was always an excuse available to explain away any criticism.

According to the Times, Kamala is also telling her allies the reason she has been such a failure is Biden keeps giving job assignments that are too difficult.

This woman has already mastered the art of making excuses, so why on earth would she need advice from Hillary Clinton?

The New York Times article quotes plenty of people who white-knight for Kamala. Most of them expressed frustration with how little support she gets from the White House. These people believe the job of the White House is to prop up this inexperienced lightweight while handing her easy tasks even she couldn’t screw up.

In short, the New York Times is doing its best to counter the series of recent hit-pieces attacking Kamala for being an uninformed, lazy, insecure bully who never takes any responsibility.