Hillary Clinton Poll Comes To Light

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may make a political comeback as Democrats mull over nominating her if Joe Biden drops out, according to The Western Journal. Regardless of the support she may have, the failed 2016 presidential candidate has reportedly thrown her support behind Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Despite this, however, Harris’ popularity is nearing non-existent, according to the latest NBC poll. Harris’ approval rating has hit a new low, 32 percent, with only 11 percent of those surveyed viewing her in a “very positive” light. 21 percent viewed her somewhat positively. 16 percent of respondents were neutral, and 10 percent viewed her in a “somewhat negative” light. But a whopping 39 percent of respondents viewed the vice president in a “very negative” light. 

Although her popularity was never much and whatever she has left is shrinking, a recent poll from Premise asked respondents who their choice would be if Biden did not run for president in 2024. Harris only barely took the top spot, enjoying 22 percent of support. But Clinton came in a close second at 17 percent. While that support is not high, it demonstrates that even after years of being out of the political arena, there may still be a path for Clinton to make a comeback, if the situation presented itself. 

Clinton did better than other potential Democratic candidates, such as Bernie Sanders and Gavin Newsom, who came in with 11 percent and 9 percent support, respectively. Other candidates polling at 7 percent include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could not surpass 5 percent support among likely primary voters, but other polls reportedly have him around 20 percent support. 

The news comes as Biden’s approval continues to dwindle. While Democratic voters may disagree on the right candidate for 2024, most agree that they do not want Biden, according to the poll.