Hillary Clinton Gushes Over NYC Mayor Despite Crime Rate

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Crime is soaring in New York City, and the new Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has decriminalized a plethora of crimes since taking office this year – but for some reason, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is heaping praise on the city’s new mayor, Eric Adams.

Clinton praised Adams on her podcast “You and Me Both” on Tuesday. She was interviewing the new mayor and discussing the issues affecting the city. She praised Adams for putting more police officers on the streets – something that, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be something that particularly deserves praise.

Putting police on the streets is an entirely normal thing to do. It’s only shocking and praiseworthy when the Democrats do it because they have spent so many years calling for the defunding of the police.

Adams also called out some of the most progressive members of the Democratic Party who want to focus on “intervention” rather than crime prevention, arguing that a strong police force in the city is necessary to tackle violent crime.

He’s right, too. Crime in the city has risen by 38% in just the last month. Crime is also up by 45% over the last year. That’s…not good.

‘I am not going to allow the numerical minority that our the loudest to dictate how we are going to keep my city safe now and what we are going to do in the long term,’ Adams said.

The new mayor said that he tells people all the time that “it’s not what happens in tweets, it’s what happens on our streets.”

Clinton responded, “Amen! Oh, preach, preach mayor. That is music to my ears!”

Remember when Democrats were calling the police institutionally and systemically racist?

We remember…

Let’s hope that Adams’ plans to tackle crime in the city at least work…