Hillary Clinton Goes On National TV To Claim Trump Has A “Blank Check” From GOP

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Hillary Clinton is back on the political scene, doing media interviews left, right, and center in what many believe is the beginning of a 2024 presidential run.

Clinton appears to be returning to old tactics, too, telling the press that former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party aren’t doing enough to take on far-right radicals…while Clinton continues to ignore the far-left extremists in her party.

During an interview with Morning Joe on Friday, Clinton said that she hopes the “smart, articulate” members of the Republican Party will take a stand against other Republicans who, she claims, are “sympathetic” to Russia.

“Maybe this terrible aggression by Putin will stiffen the spines of a lot of Republicans in office who understand you cannot continue to give Trump and his enablers a blank check, because they will lead us to a very bad place,” Clinton said.

She added that she hopes the smart members of the Republican party in Congress “take on the craziness of the far-right” and that it’s “something that needs to happen.”

Meanwhile, however, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to ignore the rise of anti-Semitism and Woke Marxism – as James Lindsay calls it – within her own party.

Clinton’s comments come after John Durham, who was appointed special counsel to investigate the origins of the FBI investigation into former President Donald Trump, filed a document in federal court revealing that his investigations had concluded that Clinton’s 2016 campaign team paid a tech executive to spy on communications coming from Trump Tower.

Clinton suggested that it would be a “profile in courage” for some Republicans to side against Vladimir Putin, seemingly failing to recognize that even the most radical within the Republican Party strongly oppose Putin and the war against Ukraine.

What planet is Hillary Clinton living on?