HHS Aide Took Sponsored Trip to China

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The National Pulse had dug up another person tangentially connected to Joe Biden whom they claim has “links” to China. This time, it’s a random staffer from Health and Human Services named Laurence Wilson.

Wilson is the Scheduling and Advance Representative to HHS Secretary Xavier Bacerra. He previously worked on the Biden presidential campaign as well as the Senate campaign for Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Laurence Wilson’s “link” to China “unearthed” by the National Pulse consists of participating in a 2015 trip to China sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in conjunction with the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation has arranged numerous CUSEF-sponsored trips for black American college students to travel to China to attend events and do some sightseeing as part of their African American Students Exchange Program which the CBC launched in 2012.

According to the National Pulse, on this particular 2015 trip, Laurence Wilson was along as an “advisor.” While even Laurence described his role as “advisor,” it sounds more like he was one of two adult chaperones.

On his Instagram account after the trip, Wilson posted a big thank-you to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the CUSEF for giving him the opportunity to travel with the 20 students. He urged other African-Americans to “travel to another country and soak in other cultures.” As an added enticement to other students to take the trip, Laurence pointed out that it is “all expenses paid.”

This doesn’t exactly make Laurence Wilson a Chinese asset.

The purpose of Beijing-linked organizations like the China-United States Exchange Foundation is to target useful idiots as a way of advancing Chinese propaganda and portraying China as a friendly, accommodating bunch who just want to make friends.

China isn’t the only country to use such tactics. The tiny kingdom of Qatar is a master at this. Organizations linked to Qatar’s ruling family bankroll all-expense-paid trips for all kinds of people — from members of Congress to business leaders to journalists to members of think tanks.

Washington DC is a city crammed with useful idiots, happy to take these people up on an all-expense-paid junket.