Harris Shocked She’s Being Held Accountable

(FreedomBeacon.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris, the far-left former Senator for California, is reportedly frustrated about her role overseeing the border crisis being “mischaracterized” by Republicans, as pressure ramps up on her to actually do something about the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens arriving at the border every single month.

President Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris in March to oversee the crisis as the border became overwhelmed with illegal aliens crossing into the United States. Since then, that number reached 180,000 in April alone, with numbers due for May any time now. And despite being tasked with solving the issue, Harris has not visited the border once.

CNN rushed to Harris’ rescue, with contributor Natasha Bertrand saying there was “confusion” about the vice president’s role. Republicans, she said, have “seized on that confusion” and have made out that Harris has become the new “border czar” when in reality she was appointed to be the “envoy” to the border.

Either way…shouldn’t she have gone to the border to see the crisis for herself?

Bertrand said that Harris is distancing herself from the border crisis and that the vice president is angry because she was actually tasked with handling the Northern Triangle countries and the “root causes” of the problem.

And, to be fair, that’s precisely what Harris was tasked with. President Joe Biden wanted to send the vice president to the Northern Triangle where she can discuss what money the United States can give away and what can be done to improve the countries in the south to stop people from arriving at the border.

But in the meantime, the border crisis is ongoing, Kamala Harris hasn’t seen the crisis for herself and therefore doesn’t truly know what she’s meant to be curtailing when she meets with government leaders from South America, and the criticism will continue for as long as she continues to refrain from visiting the border.

Bertrand said that CNN had been told by representatives of the Vice President that she was “extremely involved” in crafting the regional strategy to address what she calls the “root causes” of the problem. Harris reportedly believes that climate change is one of those root causes.

Will the Biden administration ever accept that one root cause is offering amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and effectively encouraging people to break the law and cross the border?