Hailey Bieber Pauses Pregnancy Plans After Online Trolling

In a recent interview, the wife of singer Justin Bieber opened up about her desire to start a family but expressed fear about raising a child while being in the public eye.

Model Hailey Bieber told the UK Sunday Times that the thought of having children when she is always in the public eye makes her cry “all the time.” She said as much as she wants to have children, she is “scared” about her children facing the same kinds of comments that people say about her friends and her husband.

The 26-year-old model added that she couldn’t imagine confronting people saying things about her child.

The Biebers married in September 2019 following a year-long engagement. Since that time, Hailey was the subject of several pregnancy rumors, all of which she denied.

Bieber, who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and the niece of actor and tabloid fodder Alec Baldwin, also talked about what it was like for her to grow up surrounded by fame. She recounted the times she was out with her father or uncle when people would stop them to ask for autographs or pictures.

When asked about being spotted in January wearing a T-shirt that read “nepo baby,” Beiber said she wore the shirt to own the fact that she is the child of a Hollywood celebrity and is aware that she benefits from nepotism.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2020, Justin Bieber was asked if he and Hailey had plans to start a family. The singer said he would like to start a “little tribe” but the number of children would ultimately be up to Hailey since it is “her body.”

When DeGeneres asked what the couple was waiting for, Bieber said he believed that his wife wanted to accomplish some things “as a woman” before she was ready to have any children.