Grand Jury Indicts Officer For Police Brutality

( A police sergeant in Indianapolis, Indiana, is facing federal charges for violating someone’s civil rights as well as police brutality.

Bodycam video showed Sergeant Eric Huxley, a 44-year-old who has been on the force for 15 years, stomping on the face of a Black homeless man’s face as he was lying on the ground in handcuffs.

A federal grand jury indicted Huxley this week for violating the man’s civil rights, as well as using excessive force. The incident occurred on September 24 of 2021.

Huxley, a white officer, is facing charges of deprivation of rights under color of law while using a dangerous weapon, resulting in bodily injury.

According to Fox 59, Huxley and two officers on the scene — officer Matthew Shores and Sergeant Christopher Kibbey — attempted to place Jermaine Vaughn under arrest with a charge of disorderly conduct. In the process of doing so, the officers forced Kibbey to the ground as he was arguing with them.

Fox 59 reported that the probable cause affidavit stated:

“[The man] is on his backside on the ground, looking up at Ofc. Shores with his hands cuffed behind his back.

“Sgt. Huxley then walks over to [the man], lifts his left leg and drives his left foot down into [the man’s] face. Within seconds, blood is visible in [the man’s] mouth.”

In the bodycam video, Huxley is heard yelling at Vaughn, after he kicked him in the face:

“Stop! You’re done! You’re done! You’re done!”

Vaughn, who is bloody at this point, responds:

“There you go. Police brutality!”

The indictment by the federal grand jury alleges that Huxley hit Vaughn with his foot without having any lawful justification to do so.

Fox 59 reports that Huxley is facing felony charges of official misconduct and battery on a local basis in addition to these federal charges. He has been suspended without pay since the incident, and also faces being fired.

The TV outlet also reported that the police department, Police Chief Randal Taylor and the city of Indianapolis are all facing a separate federal lawsuit that claims the two officers who were responding to the incident that day with Huxley have faced retaliation.

According to WTHR, the two officers are alleging that the police department accused them of not making a report in a timely manner. They were placed on administrative leave by the department.

The two officers said they had to turn their patrol cars in for older models that were ultimately “determined to be unsafe.”

After the federal grand jury handed down its indictment this week, Taylor, the police chief, said:

“This incident was unnecessary and should have never occurred. I would not tolerate this behavior from any community member; Sergeant Huxley is no exception.

“As law enforcement officers, we must understand that this behavior violates the community’s trust. We have confidence the judicial system will bring justice to [the man] and his family.”