Governor Vetoes Important Republican Bills

On Wednesday, North Carolina’s Democrat Governor Roy Cooper vetoed three Republican-sponsored bills on transgender issues, however, the Republican supermajorities in the state legislature are expected to easily override each veto, the Washington Times reported.

The three bills vetoed by Governor Cooper were the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act, prohibiting schools from teaching K-4 students about gender identity and sexuality, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, banning males from competing in female sports both in middle and high schools, and on the college level, and the Gender Transition/Minors Act, banning transgender medical treatment for those under 18.

In a statement on his vetoes, Governor Cooper accused Republican lawmakers of using the “political culture wars” as a campaign weapon heading into the 2024 election.

Cooper claimed that the three bills would have used the government “to invade the rights and responsibilities” of doctors and parents while “hurting vulnerable children.” He claimed that the bills would damage the state’s economy and reputation the same way the “harmful bathroom bill” did in 2016.

But it is doubtful Cooper’s vetoes will remain in place for long since Republicans hold veto-proof majorities in both the North Carolina House and Senate. As long as every Republican lawmaker stays united, an override of each veto is a foregone conclusion.

Lawmakers returned to work on Thursday after the Independence Day holiday and are expected to vote on overriding the vetoes.

North Carolina Republican lawmakers have already overridden a series of vetoes from the Democrat Governor this year.

In May, lawmakers voted to override Cooper’s veto of an abortion bill that lowered the state’s limit for most abortions from 20 weeks of pregnancy to just 12 weeks.

In late June, lawmakers overrode six vetoes, including bills prohibiting the use of ESG in investments for the state pension fund and banning the use of critical race theory in state-run agencies.