Governor Greg Abbott Halts Unemployment Benefits

( Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken action against rising inflation caused by President Joe Biden’s mishandling of the national economy, slashing government welfare checks and encouraging people to get back out and working.

On Monday, Governor Abbott announced that as of next month he will reject further federal COVID-19 unemployment benefits and deny Texas an additional $300 per week to stay at home.

As millions of Americans don’t go back to work, manufacturing companies, business, and service industry venues are crying out for American workers – pushing prices up as spending power increases too. It’s a recipe for disaster, with American businesses unable to keep up with demand, and with Democrats in government continuing to insist on handing out free money.

Governor Abbott announced the decision and added that many businesses are desperate to open again, but too many are struggling to fill open positions as people stay at home. He added that the number of businesses in his state that have a lack of applicants for new jobs is totally unprecedented, with more than 60% more jobs available today than there was in February last year.

Data from the Texas Workforce Commission revealed that the total number of job openings in Texas is roughly identical to the number of people taking unemployment benefits – meaning the economy is ready for people to go back to work.

We can probably thank President Donald Trump’s historic tax slashes for that.

Local business owners are already celebrating the decision, with bar owner Michael Girard reportedly praising the decision and stating that it will help businesses finally start filling positions.

Republican states Ohio, Texas, and Indiana make up three of 16 states which are now rejecting further COVID-19 funds from the federal government – a sign that Democrats should probably stop throwing money at the states and start encouraging people to go back to work.

Just how many more months will it be before House Speaker Pelosi and President Biden realize American businesses need people to go back to work?