GOP Unveils New Tactic of Targeting Key Demographics Before Election

( The GOP is investing substantially in Asian American outreach ahead of November’s midterm elections, viewing it as an opportunity to draw minorities permanently into the GOP fold as voters grow disenchanted with the Biden administration’s policies.

The RNC, led by chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, is launching a five-figure digital and print ad campaign during Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month in May. The group claims it’s an expansion of a multi-million dollar commitment in minority areas.

Asian Americans, who now make up close to 7% of the population, are being targeted by Democratic and Republican leaders as prospective votes in the forthcoming midterm elections.

Young Kim and Michelle Steel, both California Republicans, were elected in 2020.

Kim told Fox News Digital that the Republican Party is the “great opportunity party.”

She stated that’s how she won. She said that other minorities also won, indicating that the American dream is alive and well.  She noted that decreasing taxes, increasing opportunities, and empowering and safeguarding communities resonate with many Americans, including the AAPI community.

Steel said rising gas prices are a worry for Asian Americans and, based on her experience with voters, they align with Republican themes.

Both Kim and Steel said education concerns, like the Supreme Court case suggesting Harvard and UNC-Chapel Hill’s admissions rules unjustly discriminate against Asian Americans, resonate with the minority community and the GOP.

Rep. Michelle Steel introduced a bill to hold colleges accountable for using personality traits in admissions.

Nainoa Johsens, RNC APAC media affairs director, said that the GOP and RNC are first investing on the ground and then assisting in making these communities aware of our efforts to connect with them.

He said AAPI ideals generally align with Republican principles.

The effort focuses on national and local media in battleground states with significant APA populations, including Indian Americans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, and Filipinos. The political group has also developed grassroots community centers to build ties with minority voters and perform get-out-the-vote operations.


A new APA community center opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the political group expanded its ground game months before the midterm elections. Johsens said the RNC’s plan focuses on community centers.

Reps. Steel and Kim agreed that the RNC’s community centers had worked well to engage the AAPI population.

Kim said that the Vietnamese provide spring rolls, and Koreans bring barbeque. Everyone shares. Asian-Americans share meals. And over food, you may transcend divides.

Steel told Fox News Digital that her district’s center is a “popular location” for Vietnamese cuisine and dancing.

“Simple Asian Americans. You know them, build relationships, and vote for you because they know you will be a better candidate.

Democratic Party sees AAPIs as a midterm target.

A Democratic National Committee (DNC) spokeswoman told Fox News Digital that the group is investing in Asian American neighborhoods, which it regards as “essential” to expanding the party’s congressional majority.

The DNC has engaged in multi-platform outreach to Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander groups,” a spokeswoman stated. Asian Americans, the fastest-growing coalition group, include more than 23 million individuals and more than 50 ethnic groupings. They are vital to protecting and expanding the Democratic majority.

Since May 2021, the DNC has spent over six figures on advertisements, internet buys, and AAPI directors in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The DNC offered translation services and points to their February Lunar New Year event.

The struggle for the Asian vote is the new battleground.