GOP Rep Files for Divorce as Wife Drops Hints About ‘Colleague’

House of Representatives member Rich McCormick (R-GA) has reportedly been seen cozying up to a Republican congresswoman while divorcing his wife of a dozen years.

Gwinnett County court documents show that McCormick filed for a divorce on May 3. On the same day, a mutual restraining order was submitted to the court docket.

When a UK outlet asked Dr. Debra Miller why her husband was divorcing her, she texted back saying she wasn’t confident McCormick would honestly say why and that they should ask her ex and his ‘colleague.’

Rumor has it that McCormick has been seen acting very friendly with Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-TX) recently. Sources claimed they saw McCormick and Van Duyne holding hands several times.

Following Rich McCormick’s divorce filing earlier in May, Rep. Beth Van Duyne (53) revealed last week that she was happily involved in a relationship with a fellow Republican lawmaker.  They are both empty nesters with grown children, and she said that she was single.  Van Duyne said that McCormick’s marriage had been in limbo for some time.

An aide to the Georgia legislator said that the relationship was old news to the DC rumor mill.

McCormick (55) and Miller’s social media pages show they have seven kids between the two of them. Van Duyne’s marriage ended in 2012. She and her ex-husband have two children.

McCormick represents the 6th congressional district in Georgia. He served in the Marine Corps and the Navy and was an emergency room physician.

In 2020, he was defeated in the general election for the 7th congressional district by his Democrat opponent in his first attempt at running for Congress. But in 2022, when the district was reconfigured and became a much more red area, he easily won the 6th district.

Rep. McCormick was in the news earlier this year for doing pull-ups while dangling from a railing hundreds of feet above the ground next to the Capitol dome. His subsequent statement to the media said that it was nothing dangerous, as he used to be paid to jump off of perfectly nice airplanes in his previous life.