GOP Leans Into Racial Issues To Defeat The Radical Liberal Mob

( The Hill just published a story with a truly shocking headline, accusing Republicans of “leaning into racial issues” ahead of the midterms. The headline is technically accurate but dramatically misrepresents what Republicans are doing…particularly for those who don’t read beyond the headline.

The Hill described how Republicans are focusing in on Critical Race Theory, but doesn’t describe the bitter division caused by the extremist left-wing ideology and theory. On its surface, The Hill says, the Republican campaign strategy features a multi-pronged attack of “dissimilar issues,” but that it is actually centered around a “common theme of race.”

Are you kidding me? How is opposing the Democrats’ campaign of racism and extremism a campaign focused on race?

It is absolutely true that Republicans are narrowing in on the Democrats’ push to implement Critical Race Theory into American schools and federal agencies.

What are Republicans meant to do? Let it happen to avoid being accused of racism?

The Hill even accused Republicans of pushing “scare tactics.”

Have the authors, Mike Lillis and Scott Wong, ever stopped to think about what Critical Race Theory says? And what it means?

The piece describes how Republicans have made opposing CRT the “core” of the 2022 midterm election campaign, and cited Texas Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett who said that “racially charged attacks” have wormed their way into recent political discussions.

This is the definition of gaslighting.

It then goes on to say that Trump is “leading the charge,” making him out to be some kind of racist-in-chief. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The Hill also accuses House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of “hammering Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a slew of race-based issues.”

It’s the Democrats who care about race – not Republicans!