GOP Lawmakers Demands Transparency in UAP Funding

A Republican lawmaker wants leaders of the federal government to declassify every document that’s related to UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomena.

Last week, Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee, who is a member of the Oversight and Accountability Committee in the House, introduced a new bill called the UAP Transparency Act. If passed, all presidents would be forced to direct all federal departments and agencies to make documents about UAB available for public viewing within 270 days.

In addition, the bill would mandate the president to provide a report to the House every quarter on the progress these agencies are making on declassifying the records.

Appearing on NewsNation Monday, Burckett commented:

“Our federal government’s many departments tell us they [UAPs] don’t exist, yet they’re still being funding tens of millions of dollars. And our own Pentagon, who has not passed an audit in the history of audits literally, cannot account for over a half a trillion dollars.”

Last year, the Pentagon failed the audit that was conducted for the sixth year in a row. Auditors found that the Pentagon wasn’t able to account for about half of its total assets.

Burchett commented on this by saying:

“Now, we’re spending this money on something, we’re $35 trillion in debt. … Every hundred days, we add another trillion dollars to our deficit. Look, it’s not about little green men or flying saucers. It’s what are we spending this damn money on? It’s ridiculous.”

Burchett pointed to multiple reports he has gotten from what he called “qualified people” as well as anecdotes he’s been told from former admirals about potential sightings of UAPs. The representative then said the public should be able to come to conclusions on its own about the information the government has once it’s declassified.

As he said:

“Just tell us what it is. We don’t care. … All it’s going to say is this universe is a lot bigger than we give it credit for. We’re one grain of sand on a million beaches. Give us the information. Let us decide.”

Burchett has long advocated for transparency to increase about UAPs ever since a hearing was held in the House last July. At that hearing, three former officials with the Department of Defense testified about the experience they had with UAPs. They also warned that these sightings could ultimately pose national security risks.

Burchett is part of a bipartisan coalition in the House called the UAP Caucus that has vowed to bring more transparency to the topic. In addition to the Tennessee representative, the group includes Republican Representatives Anna Paulina and Matt Gaetz of Florida and Eric Burlinson of Missouri, as well as Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz of Florida.

Last year, David Grusch, a whistleblower, said he believes the Pentagon is operating a secret program to retrieve UFOs. Those claims are what sparked the congressional hearing that was held as well as the UAP Caucus’ formation.