GOP Is Going After Hispanics As The Demographic Tide Turns

( The Republicans are going hard to win over Hispanic voters ahead of the November election, including running their first Spanish-language ads for down-ballot races.

The Republican State Leadership Committee, along with Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, has reserved $300,000 in Spanish-language advertising promoting two Republican state House candidates.

One of the Texas state House candidates, Janie Lopez, a local school board member, is running in a new state House district. She told The Hill that the Democrat Party no longer aligns with the values of the Hispanic community.

Lopez said Hispanics are people of faith who believe in doing what is right, both morally and spiritually. She said the Hispanic community is “tired of the corruption down here” and believes it is “time for change.”

In addition to the ad buy in Texas, the RSLC has another 16 Hispanic Republican candidates it has in its “Right Leaders Network” recruitment and training program in states like California, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon, and Texas.

In a statement to The Hill, RSLC spokeswoman Stephanie Rivera said Democrats have taken Hispanic voters for granted “for too long.” She said Hispanic voters want an “alternative” to the Democrat Party’s “disastrous agenda” that had led to high crime, inflation, a disaster at the southern border, and “a lack of control over their children’s education.”

Meanwhile, the National Republican Congressional Committee is backing 102 Hispanic candidates for Congress in the November midterms.

Democrat pollster Fernand Amandi told The Hill that the GOP has “outhustled” Democrats when it comes to “pure campaign election politics” to cultivate Hispanic voters.

Amandi laughingly added that Democrats have “the better story,” especially given the “ideological headwinds” caused by “abortion-extreme Republican candidates” and the possible return of Donald Trump.

Ah yes, Hispanics are known for being super-pro-abortion.

No wonder the Democrats are losing the Hispanic vote.