GOP Investigates DOJ For Preferential Treatment Of Biden Family

President Joe Biden and the Democratic party have continued a trend of reckless  spending. Due at least in part to the passage of several exorbitant spending packages early in his presidential term, inflation has crushed ordinary citizens. While things continue to worsen, Republicans continue to prove they are unable to govern and offer no attractive alternative or opposition to Democrats and their destructive agenda. During a time in which the party should be delivering concise and clear messaging on ordinary issues that matter to working people, they are fixated on impeachment proceedings against Biden. The new speaker of the house, Mike Johnson has moved forward with an impeachment inquiry against Biden. Political chaos in Washington continues with no regard for the actual situation of ordinary Americans.

In a recent poll from CNN, though, many voters believe Biden had knowledge of his son Hunter Bidens foreign business activities. In this poll, 61% of voters are of the opinion that the president knew what was going on behind the scenes. In a recent development, the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to a federal attorney from Delaware. Lesley Wolf had been part of a five-year long federal inquiry into Hunter Biden (the son of Joe Biden). Republicans had attempted to have Wolf appear for “voluntary” testimony, but the Justice Department had refused several times to allow her to give such testimony.

Wolf is set to deliver remarks in a deposition on December 7th in which authorized committee members will be attending. Representative Jim Jordan (the House Judiciary Chairman) has claimed that he believes that Wolf had acted in ways that “deviated” from Justice Department Protocol during the investigation. In other recent developments, the GOP has begun investigating whether or not Hunter Biden was protected by Department of Justice officials when they investigated a corrupt Chinese associate. Republicans have alleged deep corruption within the Biden family. A development affirming this would be proof.