GOP Candidate Goes On Steve Bannon’s Show Ahead Of Election

( On Monday before his primary loss, David Perdue talked with one of Trump’s indicted-and-pardoned campaign managers. He spoke with Steve Bannon on his podcast War Room to try and bolster his failing primary campaign against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

What’s saddest? Perdue wasn’t featured. Bannon interviewed him in the last five minutes.

Perdue claimed there was a “surge” of support for him in the gubernatorial race because “people are more aware” of what happened in Georgia because of

Perdue thought 2000 Mules was his last, best shot for votes.

The podcast’s purpose became clear. He hoped Bannon’s listeners would attend the teletownhall with Trump. Former VP Mike Pence would appear with Kemp at a Cobb County event.

Perdue’s alleged success was predicated upon attracting new voters to the polls. But he’s not a prodigy who draws new people; he’s someone who failed in his Senate re-election a year ago.

Perdue outlined his longshot strategy for Bannon-

About 500,000 Georgians voted early in the primary. Half of the 500,000 voters so far didn’t vote in the 2018 primary. Those are his people. He believes many of Georgia’s hard-core Republican conservatives vote on Election Day.

Bannon said Perdue’s contest might come down to “five or six hundred votes” before bidding him farewell.

Perdue may have been groveling for votes, but he’s an intelligent businessman. He spent more on his retirement house than his final, losing campaign.
Later on Monday, Perdue continued his slumming by using one of the most iconic statements used by Trump: he ordered Stacey Abrams to “go back to where you came from.” Appropriating Trump’s line one day before the primary was in no way a coincidental occurrence. It was desperate pandering.

Perdue lost his bid for the nomination to Brian Kemp.

He is going to go back to where he came from.