GOP Candidate Flops After A Damning Anti-Semitic Expose

( The anti-Semitic California Republican who ran against Republican Congresswoman Young Kim in last Tuesday’s California primary failed to advance to November’s midterm election.

Two weeks before the primary, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered anti-Semitic comments Republican House candidate Greg Raths made during a May 20 candidate forum hosted by the Orange County Islamic Foundation.

During the event, Raths repeated the common trope that US lawmakers’ support for Israel was bought and paid for by the “Jewish community.” Raths added that the government must “rein in” foreign aid to Israel and boasted that he isn’t beholden to Israel because he hasn’t taken a single dime from Jews.

What a charmer.

You can watch the video the Free Beacon uncovered HERE.

After the Free Beacon’s report, Raths quickly apologized. But his apology came at the same time he was busy “liking” tweets defending his anti-Semitic remarks.

Raths received only 23.4 percent of the vote in the race for California’s newly-drawn 40th District. Incumbent Republican Congresswoman Young Kim and Democrat Asif Mahmood both advanced to the November election. Mahmood received 40.9 percent of the vote to Kim’s 34.4 percent.

Last Wednesday, Raths acknowledged his defeat on Facebook. After one of his followers asked him if he won, Raths replied, “No.”

The Free Beacon reported last week that Raths’ comments followed by his bungled apology definitely played a role in his defeat.

After the report broke, a prominent Jewish councilman who had endorsed Raths pulled his endorsement. Mission Viejo Republican city councilman Ed Sachs described Raths’ remarks as “abrasively ignorant.”

After the New York Post picked up the Free Beacon’s story, Raths claimed that he was “totally not anti-Semitic,” explaining that his brother was Jewish.

Young Kim is favored to win in November as California’s new congressional map has made District 40 more solidly red.