GOP Calls On Biden To Reconsider Withdrawing From Afghanistan As Tensions Boil

( Some Congressional Republicans, including on-again-off-again Trump supporter Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have hit out at President Joe Biden for his plan to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan. The policy follows an extension of President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw American troops by May 1, with Joe Biden promising to complete a full withdrawal by September 11, 2021.

But Senator Graham and some other Republicans on Capitol Hill have urged the Biden administration to reconsider the plan, seemingly urging the president to maintain an American presence in the Middle East and continue America’s longest war.

“I don’t trust the Taliban to look out for American interests, but we’re finding ourselves in a very precarious situation,” Graham said about the plan, referencing a deal made with the Taliban under the Trump administration.

President Joe Biden really hasn’t had a hand in any of these plans to withdraw American troops, has he?

“Again, there are no great outcomes, but this is the worst possible outcome…to pull up and leave and hope that things will turn out well. That did not happen in Iraq and it did not happen here,” Graham added.

Graham said that he understands Americans’ frustration with the length of the war and the money and lives it has cost, but urged Americans to “never forget the enemy.”

“It takes two to end the war. Folks, they’re not close to quitting. The Taliban are different than Al-Qaeda and ISIS. I don’t believe they will attack us here at home, but I believe they will allow Al-Qaeda and ISIS to roam freely in Afghanistan. They don’t have the will or the capability to police them and I think this is a high-risk strategy,” he said.

Graham was joined by Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia, who complained about President Biden announcing an official date for withdrawal.

Speaking to One America News, Rep. Meyer said that announcing the September 11 date – which is obviously an attempt at invoking an emotional response from Americans who remember the 9/11 attacks – was essentially giving a “heads up” to the Taliban and giving them a chance to “plan and strategize.”

But former President Donald Trump also said that he would withdraw troops by May 1, in a move considered hugely popular among Republican and Democrat voters alike.

What is it with establishment Republicans never learning that Americans don’t want any more forever wars?