Google’s Fake “Diversity Strategist” Is Anti-Jewish

( Remember when Google dropped its “Don’t Be Evil” slogan? Well, maybe it was to accommodate its head of diversity strategy…

This week we learned that Kamau Bobb posted a string of anti-Semitic comments on social media and his blog in 2007. Bobb claimed that Jewish people have an “insatiable appetite for war” and claimed that they have an “insensitivity” to the suffering of other people.

When he made the comments he was working as a research associate at Georgia Tech. The blog post in which he made the comments were titled “If I Were A Jew,” and he used it as an opportunity to lecture the Jewish people about how they should see the political situation in the Middle East.

In the piece, he said that if he was Jewish he would be concerned about his appetite for war and killing, and said that while self defense is an “instinct,” Jewish people were insensitive of the pain of others.

Other posts on the blog focused on education, American politics, and racial equality…as if, somehow, his horrific comments about Jewish people didn’t make him totally unqualified to talk about an issue like that.

Neither Google nor Bobb initially responded to requests for comment about the scandal, but on Wednesday the tech giant removed him from his position.

He wasn’t fired, incredibly, but instead removed from his role in diversity strategy and research and placed onto a STEM research role.

A Republican wouldn’t make comments like that as Republicans typically support Israel and the right of the Jewish people to exist in their homeland, but can you imagine if a conservative had said something like this?

They’d have been fired in an instant!

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish organization that opposes anti-semitism and extremism, told Google that Bobb should be fired, but apparently, anti-semitism is welcomed by Big Tech.