Google Silences Robert Kennedy Jr Interview Exposing Chemicals in Water

On Sunday, Jordan Peterson, the podcaster and opinion host known for stirring controversy, announced on Twitter that his recent interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr. had been taken down from YouTube.

During the interview, RFK Jr. echoed a long-standing conspiracy theory popularized by Alex Jones, suggesting that chemicals in the water supply are forcibly feminizing frogs. 

Moreover, he speculated that similar effects might occur in humans. 

RFK Jr. also reiterated his well-known anti-vaccine stance, claiming that vaccines are ineffective and pose significant health risks.

Google confirmed on Monday that the Peterson – JFK Jr. interview had been taken down because it was a violation of YouTube’s policy on misinformation about vaccines and their side effects. 

The removal was based on the general vaccine misinformation policy, which prohibits content alleging that vaccines lead to chronic side effects, except for rare side effects acknowledged by health authorities.

Recently, there has been heightened scrutiny surrounding RFK Jr.’s conspiratorial rhetoric, leading to increased headline presence. 

His interview with Peterson gained significant attention after clips surfaced online, wherein he made baseless claims connecting the water supply to changes in human sexuality. 

Following his appearance on Joe Rogan’s widely popular podcast, these clips went viral over the weekend.

During the interview in early June, while conversing with Peterson, the 2024 presidential candidate asserted, “I believe many of the issues we observe in children, particularly boys, are potentially underestimated in terms of their connection to chemical exposures, including the prevalence of sexual dysphoria.”

Recently, RFK Jr.’s rhetoric has faced heightened scrutiny, resulting in increased media coverage since he declared he’d be running for president. 

His interview with Peterson gained significant traction when video clips containing unsubstantiated claims linking the water supply to changes in human sexuality surfaced online. 

These clips quickly spread across the internet over the weekend following RFK Jr.’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s top-rated podcast.

During the interview conducted in early June, while engaged in a conversation with Peterson, the 2024 presidential candidate expressed his belief, stating, “I think there is a possibility that many of the challenges we witness in children, especially boys, are underestimated in terms of their association with exposure to certain chemicals, which may include a higher occurrence of sexual dysphoria.”

During RFK Jr.’s guest appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he propagated conspiracy theories regarding vaccines, 5G, Wi-Fi technology, and ivermectin, as The Verge reported. 

In response to RFK Jr.’s controversial statements, Joe Rogan invited Dr. Peter Hotez, a renowned vaccine expert critical of RFK Jr., to debate on his podcast. 

However, Dr. Hotez declined the challenge, explaining that he did not wish to contribute to the spectacle or amplify the dissemination of misinformation.