Google Says Deleting Video Was A “Mistake”

( Left-wing video hosting platform YouTube just admitted that they were wrong to pull down a video of a speech made by Rep. Darrell Issa, in which he criticized the COVID-19 vaccination program that was rolled out in Russia.

YouTube, which is owned by Google and Alphabet, admitted that they were wrong to take the video down and reinstated it on their platform – however, the video is now no longer available on YouTube after the original uploader took it down themselves.

The speech was made at the EDGE 2021 conference in July of this year, and in it, the Republican California congressman commented on the Sputnik vaccine that was rolled out in the country, noting that Russia was the “first with the vaccine and it doesn’t work as well but for Russia.”

YouTube didn’t explain why the video was taken down, but the likelihood is that it was because it is a speech made by a Republican about COVID-19. Over the last year, social media platforms have removed a huge amount of content critical of the world’s response to COVID-19, and skeptical of the efficacy of the vaccine.

In a statement given to the Washington Times, a YouTube spokesperson said:

“We sometimes make mistakes, and when flagged we work as quickly as possible to address it.”

The video was not uploaded by Rep. Issa, and he only learned that the video had been taken down from the team who organized the conference.

In a tweet, the congressman said that all he said in the speech was that the Russian vaccination program “was inferior to Operation Warp Speed,” referring to the program set up by former President Donald Trump that developed the COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

“And the Russians repeatedly exaggerated their vaccine’s effectiveness every time another country launched a better one. Is any free speech on vaccines allowed?” he continued.

Good point.