Google Blacklists Top Conservative Website

( To carry out the Great Reset objective and usher in a New World Order, big tech, the political establishment, the UN, and the World Economic Forum are working cooperatively. This plan can be realized only by rendering the conservative, Christian, and pro-American paradigms obsolete and by preventing the people from learning the truth.

When readers search for World Net Daily (WND) on Google, they are now taken to a page that gives them an advisory when they click on the news site-

Warning: Accessing this website could damage your computer. “Or you can proceed at your own risk to,” it says.

The advisory directs users to Google’s “Safe Browsing diagnostic page” if they want “further information about the problems for” the WND’s website.

Users are directed to Google’s “Transparency Report” by the diagnostic page, which declares “No hazardous content identified” on the WND.

Even the ability to download photographs from the WND website is blocked by Google.
When you try to download the WND logo, Google warned: “This file is so dangerous Chrome has blocked it.”

World Net Daily was one of the most popular new websites on the Internet before the 2016 presidential election.

To avoid the “Trump situation,” tech companies have partnered with the Democrat Party, the World Health Organization, the Justice Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The latest attack on WND, the top source for conservative readers before the machine attacked free speech, may result in the news organization’s permanent closure. Google is stepping up its efforts to silence every news outlet dedicated to exposing the truth and public corruption.

Google demonetized a few months ago, which severely hurt their revenue, but this current attack is a genuine kill shot. Google is warning the entire world that a respected 25-year-old independent Christian journalism site is harmful to their computer.

The arrival of a new sponsor on the website, who had a malware problem, sparked this most recent Google attack on WND. That advertiser was promptly removed, but Google’s warning page leads to a page that has been making it apparent for several days that there was no harmful content to be found. Despite this, Google continues to persecute WND in this manner because their political, cultural, and moral worldviews diverge significantly from Google’s.

Do we think that Google would be attacking CNN and the Washington Post day after day, warning the world that these leftwing websites they love “may harm your computer”?

Tech companies are now classifying WND’s email alerts as spam and having WND’s content deleted from the Google search engine and ostensibly shadow-banned on Facebook and all social media platforms.

WND is also receiving a deluge of reader reports claiming that recipients of WND’s emails are having those emails forwarded to their spam folders. Once Google officially condemned WND as ‘harmful to your computer,’ the various email providers took the cue from Google and stopped delivering WND’s emails to their intended recipients.

This is criminal.