Gleeful Leftists celebrate Kavanaugh COVID Diagnosis

( Last Friday it was reported that the fully-vaccinated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had tested positive for COVID-19. And naturally, the odious ghouls on the Left celebrated.

Because of course they did.

When your ideology is built on the belief that political opponents are enemies, this is what you do.

These Leftist ghouls also celebrate any time one of the “enemies” dies. They are especially delighted whenever a conservative dies of COVID. So it’s hardly surprising they’d celebrate Kavanaugh’s positive COVID test. No doubt they were disappointed when they learned that he wasn’t experiencing any symptoms. That must’ve really bugged these horrible people.

Kavanaugh has been singled out for Leftist anger and vitriol ever since he was nominated by President Trump three years ago. And their hatred certainly hasn’t died down over time.

Last month, after the Supreme Court refused to block the Texas “Heartbeat” law from going into effect, dozens of hateful lunatics descended on Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home to “protest.”

Sure, he was only one of five Justices who ruled against an injunction. But he has been the lightning rod of Leftist activist hatred of the conservative court for three years. Naturally, they decided to single him out.

The protest group, “Shut Down DC,” promoted their “protest” at Kavanaugh’s home on Facebook. Because, unlike planning a MAGA rally in DC, apparently it’s okay to use Facebook to plan to target a Supreme Court Justice’s home.

“Shut Down DC” was also the group that harassed Senator Josh Hawley’s home on January 5, 2021 – one day before the melee at the Capitol. Hawley wasn’t home at the time, but his wife and newborn daughter were.

When learning that his wife and child were terrorized this way, Senator Hawley was livid. Calling the group “Antifa scumbags,” Hawley condemned them for terrorizing his family.

Naturally, both “Shut Down DC” and the media portrayed this harassment as a “vigil.” But according to Josh Hawley, this “vigil” included screaming threats, vandalizing his property, and pounding on the front door.